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Patent Number: 6,330,269

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AmeriSpline® Technology vs. Steel:
     • Homogenous heat transfer throughout the pipe
       circumference and the extruded splines
         ✓Instantaneous cooling of slag
         ✓Slag adheres to the hot face of the panel and interlocks with
            the extruded spline
         ✓Slag layer provides for thermal and electrical insulation of the
            panel hot face
         ✓Little spline wear during operation

     • Splines are integral part of the pipe
         ✓No thermal stresses on the pipe created by welded slag
            retaining bars or cups

     • Spline geometry is designed to mechanically interlock and
        support slag
         ✓Uniform slag layer
         ✓Better thermal insulation

Roofs with 100% AmeriSpline® Technology:
     • Customers report:
         ✓Uniform and thick slag cover at all times on panel hot face
         ✓Slag interlocked between the extruded splines
         ✓No slag drop off during roof swings to the stop!
            - This is a serious potential safety consideration
         ✓Slag cover protects the roof against erosion, radiation and
            arcing damage
         ✓Panels operate 10-40°F cooler than standard steel technology
         ✓Customers report 400%+ operating life increases compared to
            conventional steel pipe technology without or without slag
            retaining in both roof and sidewall applications.

Bottom-line = Longer Panel Life + More Furnace Up-Time + Higher ROI!