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Patent Number: 6,890,479

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AmeriBronze® Technology vs. Steel:

     • Harder than steel
       ✓Resistant to abrasion caused by hot, dirty furnace off-gases
       ✓Ideal in tough applications like 4th hole elbows, D1 Ducts,
          Dampers, Drop-out Boxes, BOF Chutes, BOF Lance Panels, etc.

     • More corrosion resistant than steel
       ✓Resistant to highly corrosive sulfuric and hydrochloric rich
          off-gases in EAF, BOF and Power Plant Off Gas Systems

     • More thermally conductive than steel
       ✓Highly efficient cooling capability
       ✓Resistant to thermal shocks

     • Better elongation characteristics than steel
       ✓Resistant to thermal cracking and fatigue
       ✓Better elongation characteristics than steel

     • Customers report operating life improvements more than 400%
       conventional steel

Benefits = Longer Equipment Life + Higher System Up-time + Lower Operating Costs + Better ROI

AmeriBronze® Characteristics:

     • Good compressive strength

     • High elasticity

     • High ductility

     • Applications
       ✓High mechanical wear areas
       ✓High acid corrosion, erosion and pitting areas
       ✓Material of choice in Hydrochloric and Sulfuric Acid
          - Exhibits corrosion rates less than 20 mills per year.
          - Such a corrosion rate would result in an expected life of six
            (6) years or more assuming 60% wear of the AmeriFab®
            patented AmeriBronze® Technology before a failure, in our
            nominal 2 ½” pipe diameter wall design.
          - Numerous customers have reported operating life of their
            equipment that matches and exceeds this life expectancy